Seraiki Naats PBUH

NoteYou need the free RealPlayer program for listening to these Files. If you don’t already have RealPlayer, you can download it (for free) from Ideally you should have a 56 KB or faster modem, Or Realplay DOWNLOAD    Here
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0- Sarkar Do Jahan Ton Sab Ne Faiz Paya         Download

1-Aali Sarkara Mann Ghin                                     Download

2-Tery Naan Da Wird Karnda                                Download

3-Wall Nahin Awana                                              Download

4-Shukar Hai Tera Khudaya                                 Download

5-Hik wari wanj k Dakhoo Madiney                     Download

6-Tery Geet Gawan Ya Rasool Allah                   Download

7- Jahan Roshan Banaya                                      Download

8-Molaa Dikha Day Makon Roza                           Download

9- Muhammad Ali Mehrvi – Asa Mehfil Sajenday Han – Naat Shareef


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