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Zahida Parveen

All about Seraiki and saraiki Media
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1-Aapay Katoi Yar Way         Download

2-Aj Naal Firaq Dasendi Ae    Download

3-Darsan bin akhian                Download

4-Her Soorat Which                 Download

5-Ishq laga ghar wisrya         Download

6-Kahnon Kiti Asan Naal         Download 

 7-Kya Haal Sunawan               Download

8-Mera lay jaa sanaihra        Download

9-Mil Mahiwal                           Download

10- Odi Yaad Sataway            Download

11-Pinal Paindi Thee Wal        Download

12-Saday naal sada toon       Download

13-Senwal Megh Malharan     Download

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>> Works at Web developing. Studied at Bahauddin Zakariya University. Lives in Multan, Pakistan. Email: Phone: +92-300-7358378


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