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Shahzada Asif Ali Khan Multani

NoteYou need the free RealPlayer  program for listening  to these songs. If you don’t already have RealPlayer, you can download it (for free) from Ideally you should  have a 56 KB or faster modem, Or Realplay DOWNLOAD    Here
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 1: Kamlee na la Ankhian                                           DOWNLOAD

2: Tain laya ha pattan tay Daira                              DOWNLOAD

3: Tonn ta wafa karian ha                                        DOWNLOAD

4: Abba sain madee shadi kar                                 DOWNLOAD

5: Kacha qoul qarar daa                                           DOWNLOAD

6: Madi dil majboor                                                   DOWNLOAD

7: Mahiyae                                                                   DOWNLOAD

8:Massat tang keranda ha                                        DOWNLOAD 

9: Sikdi mar na wanjan                                              DOWNLOAD

10: Zulmi Dhola                                                           DOWNLOAD

11: Thiya Key Naraz                                                    DOWNLOAD

12: Bottle Pissi                                                             DOWNLOAD

13: Sohniyan Naal peyar karsaso                           DOWNLOAD

14: Sat Samandar                                                       DOWNLOAD

15: Dhola Ae Dil ha Mera Dhola                                DOWNLOAD

16: Doon Dilan no milawana sawab loko                 DOWNLOAD

17: Rule Khave                                                              DOWNLOAD

18: Karein Sahde Kolon                                               DOWNLOAD

19: Chal Teshan Te                                                      DOWNLOA D

20:Kai Guzar Gaye Saal                                              DOWNLOAD

21: Rang Birangian                                                       DOWNLOAD

22: Meda Ghar Hai Ya Meda Dilruba                         DOWNLOAD

23: Ae Ghar Hai Sharabi                                              DOWNLOAD

24: Khan Khan Khan                                                     DOWNLOAD

25: Kash Faqat Do Char                                               DOWNLOAD

26: Aao Badshaoo Aao                                                DOWNLOAD

27: Kamla Kamla Lok                                                    DOWNLOAD

28: Medi Paar Tyaari                                                     DOWNLOAD

29: Dil Umeed Tode                                                       DOWNLOAD

30: Kaun Hai O koun ha                                               DOWNLOAD

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