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Mansoor Malangi

NoteYou need the free RealPlayer program for listening to these songs. If you don’t already have RealPlayer, you can download it (for free) from Ideally you should have a 56 KB or faster modem, Or Realplay DOWNLOAD    Here
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1: Be Dard Dhola AiwaiN NaeeN Karin Da      DOWNLOAD

  2: AssaN Be QadraaN Naal LaiyaN AkiaN            DOWNLOAD

 3: Wah Wah Sajan Teri Yaari                                  DOWNLOAD

 4: Mohabat Rog He Dil Da                                        DOWNLOAD

 5: Na Wanjh We Sanwal                                          DOWNLOAD

 6: AkhaaN JadoN DiaN Tere Naal                           DOWNLOAD

 7: Channa Ve KeDa ChanNa                                    DOWNLOAD

 8: Dil KamilYa BholYa Te JhallYa                           DOWNLOAD

 9: Ek Phul MotiYe Da Maar kay Jaga  (A )            DOWNLOAD

10: Ek Phul MotiYe Da Maar kay Jaga (B)             DOWNLOAD

11: KahreE Ghalti howE ha ZaliM                             DOWNLOAD

12: Asan Likh Ke Dhole Val Paiyan                          DOWNLOAD

13: Balocha Zalima Jadoo Keeta                            DOWNLOAD

14: Chaba chorian da tery waste chaya                DOWNLOAD

15: Rehmat Da Meen Paa Elahi                               DOWNLOAD

16: Sarjan Puchhya Dus Malangi                             DOWNLOAD

17: Tauba Maula Bachaye                                        DOWNLOAD

18: Khan Ghara Ve Band Ve Khanan                      DOWNLOAD

19: Phul Main Nahin Tordy                                       DOWNLOAD

20: Wang Sajan De Chan Chan Krandi                  DOWNLOAD

21: Mahiye MIX                                                         DOWNLOAD

22: Chanan ve Ratan Chandnian Lang Gayan     DOWNLOAD

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