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Mendirman Jaloliddin Episodes (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) English & Urdu Subtitles

Release Date of Mendirman Jaloliddin (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah)

The screenwriter and producer of the Turkish famous series Resurrection Ertuğrul, Mehmet Bozdağ says his new historical TV series on Mendirman Jaloliddin (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) will be broadcast by February in Turkey. Mehmet Bozdag also told in an interview to Anadolu Agency (AA) in the series premiere in Uzbekistan that, “It will create a great impact worldwide,”.

Introduction of Mendirman Jaloliddin (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) Series

We have brought an exciting news for the fans of Turkish Historical Series. Mehmet Bozdag, who is the producer of Dirilis Ertugrul and Kurulus Osman has started working on another historical series.

This new Historical TV Series will be based on the true history of Jaloliddin Abul-Muzaffar Manguberdi ibn Muhammad, who was the last ruler of the Khwarezmian Empire from the Anushtegin Dynasty. Ala ad-Din Muhammad II was his father, who was killed by Genghis Khan.

The first season of the Mendirman Jaloliddin (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) series will be consisting of 13 episodes with running time of 1 hour for each. Filming of Mendirman Mendirman Jaloliddin (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) series has completed. The site of the shooting is a plateau in Riva which is the same as of the Ottoman series. Emre Kıvılcım will be playing the major role of Jaloliddin Manguberdi (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) in the first season.

Mendirman Jaloliddin (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) series will cover the history that how Jaloliddin Manguberdi defeated the Mongol Empire in the Battle of Parwan and later tried to defend his empire until his death. The series will also cover some areas alongside the Indus River in Pakistan. Pakistan had already made a TV series named “Akhri Chattan” about this personality back in 1985 CE.

How to Watch Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) with urdu and English & Urdu Subtitles

Mendirman Jaloliddin (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) series will officially on-air on the Turkish channel Milly TV from 14th February. You will be able to watch Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 1 in English subtitles and Mendirman Jaloliddin Episodes in Urdu Subtitles here. So, don’t forget to share this in your circle.

Mendirman Jaloliddin Episodes English Subtitles and Mendirman Jaloliddin Episodes Urdu Subtitles available here.

Download Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 12 (Jalaluddin KhwarazmShah) Urdu Subtitles

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