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Abida Parveen

NoteYou  need the free RealPlayer  program for listening to these songs. If you don’t already have RealPlayer, you can download it (for free) from Ideally you should  have a 56 KB or  faster  modem, Or Realplay DOWNLOAD    Here
Right-click on “Download” link and select “Save Target as …” to  Download Real file to your PC

1: Mahi Yaar Dee Gadoli     DOWNLOAD

 2: AssaN Ishq Namaz JadooN Neeti – Bulleh Shah     DOWNLOAD

 3: TenooN Kalam Kai Powndee He    DOWNLOAD

 4: Ek Nuqta Yar PaRhaya – Bulleh Shah     DOWNLOAD

 5: Ab Lagan lagi ki kariye       DOWNLOAD

 6: Ghoonghat Ohlay Na luk SajjnaN       DOWNLOAD

 7: Bulleh Nu Samjhawan AaiyaN BhainaN      DOWNLOAD

 8: Sade WehRe Aya Kar         DOWNLOAD

 9: Ishq Na Darda Mot KoloN             DOWNLOAD

10: Meda IShq Wee Tun – Khwaja Farid          DOWNLOAD

11: Kithe Mehar Ali        DOWNLOAD

12:Ranjha Shah Hazare        DOWNLOAD

13: Ghoom CharakhRa  – Shah Hussain        DOWNLOAD

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