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Seraiki instrument (Shehnaye)

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 Seraiki instrument (Shehnaye)
The Sharnai is a wind instrument often used in Sindh as an accompaniment of the Dhul.  In the past it was also called a Karnai. The body of the Sharnai is made of wood with an inserted reed sounding device.  The instrument has eight holes arranged in a straight line and a ninth hole, called the babiho, positioned below on the back side.  There are three varieties of the Sharnai :
1) The Ghazzi is the smallest variety, approximately 6 inches long, and is used for playing the mourning tunes for Muharram.
2) Sharnai is the medium variety, approximately 8 inches long, and the most common form in the Indus Valley.
3) The Mutta, about 10 inches long, is the form most popular in more northern areas of Pakistan such as the Multan region.
(Information from Baloch 1988).
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1: Mann dholy mera tann doly  (Hot)   DOWNLOAD

 2: dama dam mast qalandar              DOWNLOAD

 3: Maree de main seer karan              DOWNLOAD

 4: O Zara ord bazar                               DOWNLOAD

5: Raatan lambian raatan                     DOWNLOAD

6: Sohnra dildar aa meda yaar            DOWNLOAD

7: Chodwain ka chand ho                      DOWNLOAD

8: Samney aa ke tuj ko pukara            DOWNLOAD

9: Meda ranjhran                                    DOWNLOAD

10: Jalty hain arman                              DOWNLOAD

11: Roty hain chamm chamm nain     DOWNLOAD

12: Ghar aya mera pardaisee              DOWNLOAD

13: Deede tera dewar dewana            DOWNLOAD

14: Gory gory mukhray pe kala           DOWNLOAD

15: So saal pehly mujy                         DOWNLOAD

16: Sano ve lay chall nal ve (Hot)          DOWNLOAD

17: RAAG (Dhun) Ustad Bismillah khan         DOWNLOAD


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